Bollywood Dance Workshop


Let’s transport you to the magical and enchanting world of Bollywood! A world that’s complete with all the ingredients of a quintessential Bollywood pot boiler.

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Malwan Home Cooking workshop


A cooking date for you with the lady of a contemporary Mumbai household. Apron-up, and assist her with quintessential recipes from the region. With a host of masalas, special recipes, and traditional techniques, get an insight into the local Cuisine of Mumbai.

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Parsi Home Cooking workshop


They Introduced India to some gastronomic delights, by combining the richness of Persian delicacies with quintessential Indian spices  and managed to create magic in their kitchens.

Their cuisine consists of a balanced meal infused with flavours ranging from sweet to sour to spicy

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Warli Art Workshop


Many of us have felt the urge to pick up a paint brush and explore where it might lead us, but we have never actually got down to doing it.

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Mallakhamb Workshop


Often called as one of the strangest sports in the world, the ancient and traditional pole fitness technique Mallakhamb comes from “Malla’ that means wrestler and ‘Khamba’ that means pole.

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