Street Food Walk: Kabab and Curry Walk – a 10 course food trail recommended by Nigella Lawson

Discover the rich history of the Dawood Bohra community dating back to the 13th century, and indulge in legendary non-vegetarian street food. From fiery curries to succulent kebabs and colourful sweets, get ready to be spellbound by the authentic and delicious dishes passed down through generations. Join us for a safe and delightful food adventure filled with history, flavours, and exciting surprises!

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    Tour Timing: 06:00 PM | Tour Duration: 3 Hours

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    "Shabbir Tawakkal Sweets", A1, 45, Husainyah Marg, Bohri Mohallaha, Bhendi Bazaar, Kumbharwada, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400003

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