No Footprints

No Footprints was built with a simple philosophy – to bring to the fore community based stories and cultural practices that are being lost due to constant urbanization of cities. Our work involves finding these endearing narratives and making them part of the mainstream conversations:through our tour experiences. Our tours have focused on the stories of Kolis, Parsis, Bohris, the East Indians and also the Queer community and the Refugee community.

Through our work, we’ve given a platform for long lost arts that are at the fringes of inconsequentiality to come into the limelight and for communities to showcase their arts and cultures and support their livelihoods.

Our journey started with a tour we incepted and curated called Mumbai By Dawn: It was a tour that brought to the fore various facets of Mumbai Community and their stories- from the Kolis to the migrants. We spoke about these communities through the lens of commerce and highlighted their struggles and opportunities. We started with one tour in 2014 and 9 years (2 years of Covid Included) later today, we have over 40 experiences in Mumbai and Delhi collectively. We have had the pleasure to show around 45,000 guests through over ~10000 experiences. We have amassed ~1600 reviews on TripAdvisor over the past 4 years with an impressive rate of 99% 5 star reviews.

We have continuously engaged and positively impacted over 100 community stakeholders – Including artists, home-chefs, designers and spokespersons that are important stakeholders of our operations.

We are proud to have won the Gold at the Outlook Responsible Tourism Awards in 2020. We followed that up by picking up the Gold in India at the WTM Awards for Inclusion and Diversity in Tourism in 2021. We closed 2021 with the most prestigious title as Global Winners at WTM, competing with organisations from across the world.

Our flagship tour, Mumbai by Dawn, which we curated and conceptualised, has also won the Best of the Best Tour TripAdvisor for 2020 and 2021, 2022 making us win the Traveller’s choice Tag.

We’ve hosted top celebrities visiting India such as Tom Holland, Zendaya, Gigi Hadid, Emma Chamberlain, Nigella Lawson, Eric Roth and Rick Stein. We’ve also been featured in various international publications such as The National Geographic Traveller UK, The New York Times, CN Traveller, The Sunday Times etc.

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Why No Footprints?

  • WTM, Gold Winner, & Global Winner 2021

  • Best Tour Operator, Outlook Responsible Tourism Awards 2020

  • Number 1, Tours, TripAdvisor 

  • Best of the Best, Travellers Choice, 2021, TripAdvisor for our Flagship Tour Mumbai by Dawn

  • Best of the Best, Travellers Choice, 2022, TripAdvisor for our Flagship Tour Mumbai by Dawn

  • All our tour leaders are double vaccinated

  • Our cars are sanitised and the best hygiene practices are followed

  • For groups of over 15, we use an audio guide. This helps the guests hear the tour leader, while maintaining social distancing

  • We start the tour 30 minutes before in order to avoid crowding wherever possible

  • Our tour leaders will wear a mask at all times

Meet the team

Harshvardhan Tanwar

Founder | Head NoMad at No Footprints | Pronouns – He/Him

With a background as a creative copywriter for 4 years, Harshwardhan recognised the enchanting power of storytelling across various mediums. He is passionate about uncovering captivating narratives and sharing them with curious travellers. He makes sure to drive the company on the path of responsible tourism and redefine the travel industry.

Eesha Singh

Co-Founder | Head – Tour Design Director | Pronouns – She/Her

Eesha is always looking for stories. Whether that’s here in our work at No Footprints or in the way she has moved in her career so far working with multiple start-ups. She makes sure to move the company on the path where communities form critical stakeholders. She firmly believes that every vacation is about packing in the best stories and is excited to be in an industry that gives people great holidays.

Dhavall Jobalia

All-India Head of Operations | Pronouns – He/Him

Benny Menezes

Sr. Operations Manager – Mumbai | Pronouns – He/Him

Siddharth Krishnatre

Operations Executive – Delhi
| Pronouns- He/Him

Ankita Indulkar

Operations Executive – Mumbai | Pronouns – She/Her

Disha Shah

Products and Partnerships Lead | Pronouns – She/Her

Shruti Khemka

Social Media Manager | Pronouns – She/Her