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Nurtured with local insights and cradled with innovations, No Footprints is a unique travel boutique that shows the curious explorer in you stories and hidden sides of our cities beyond what meets the eye. 

Looking for something beyond the ordinary? Our passionate staff, with a deep understanding of the pulse of the city, have devised numerous experiences where the heroes are the inimitable culture, the people and the unexplored yet distinct history. We currently operate in Mumbai and our experiences help you explore this magical city through the eyes of a local. Whether you try your hand at an ancient art of yoga or a Bollywood dance; explore an eight hundred years old village or attend a musical; Mumbai and its myriad cultures will linger in your memories, long after you’ve left it shores.

Come on this journey called No Footprints and explore the life of a local because the only footprints as tourists you’ll see will be yours!