Operations Executive

Minimum Requirements – 2+ years of experience in travel industry.

About No Footprints:

No Footprints is an award winning tour operator that focuses on community focussed and fun storytelling when delivering tour experiences. We pride ourselves on fostering a workplace environment that champions diversity, equity, and inclusion. Female candidates and other underrepresented groups are strongly encouraged to apply. We deliver unparalleled experiences to our discerning guests and our team shares the passion for exceptional output and building a work culture of respect for all.

Job Summary


  1. Tour Bookings:

    * Ensure accuracy and timeliness of tour bookings.
    * Coordinate with the team to optimize tour availability.

  2. Guest Services:

    * Collaborate with Destination Management Companies (DMC) and directly with guests to ensure smooth service delivery.
    * Monitor guest feedback and satisfaction ratings, striving for continuous improvement.
    * Address and resolve any guest issues promptly and effectively.

  3. Airport Pick-ups:

    * Coordinate and manage airport pick-ups for inbound guests.
    * Ensure timely and efficient transportation arrangements.
    * Monitor and track pick-up schedules to minimize delays.

  4. Weekend Tours Logistics:

     * Oversee the smooth execution of on-ground logistics for weekend tours. 
     * Coordinate with various teams and suppliers to ensure seamless operations.
     * Implement contingency plans to handle unexpected situations or changes.

  1. Communication and Backend Support:

           * Communicate regularly with guests via email, providing necessary information and addressing inquiries.
           * Ensure backend logistics, such as reservations and confirmations, are accurately managed. 
           * Maintain organized records of guest communications and related tasks.

  1. Troubleshooting and Operational Presence:

           * Actively troubleshoot any operational issues that arise.
           * Maintain a visible presence on the ground, being readily available to address challenges.
           * Proactively identify areas for improvement and implement necessary changes.

  1. Guide Management:

         * Book qualified guides for tours, ensuring their availability and adherence to company standards.
         * Maintain an updated Excel sheet or equivalent system to track guide assignments and schedules.
        * Monitor guide performance and provide necessary feedback and support.

  1. Vehicle Bookings:

        * Manage vehicle bookings for tours and transfers.
        * Coordinate with transportation providers to secure appropriate vehicles.
        * Ensure vehicles are well-maintained, clean, and comply with safety standards.

  1. Guest Meet and Greet:

         * Personally oversee the meet and greet process for guests.
         * Ensure a warm and welcoming experience upon arrival.
         * Coordinate with the team to handle any special requirements or requests.