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  •   Amazing tour! Super informative and friendly. Thank you! Went to the fish market and then newspaper area and fruit and vegetable markets and then flower market. Great jokes and chai tea

    thumb Yaymumbae

      We had an absolute great time with Adi on our Worli village tour !!! Adi is great . He is very knowledgeable about the history of the village. He know the people of the village and because of that we were able to interact and...More

    thumb Martinasmiages

      When you hear that you'll be meeting your guide at 5:15 in the morning, your first reaction might be this is crazy. But, it is not!! You'll get out ahead of Mumbai's infamous traffic to see fish being unloaded from boats and auctioned at the...More

    thumb stephenz624
  •   Spent today with Krupesh (KP) on the five senses tour. Great way to experience the highlights of Mumbai when time is limited. Extremely varied itinerary. Bollywood dance class was a highlight, as was the school. Highly recommended if you’re looking for more than just a...More

    thumb jdabilluk

      We had THE most fantastic time. Couldn’t have enjoyed it more. What a great way to see Mumbai! Thank you to Adi, the most fabulous guide!

    thumb EmWigglesworth

      Really great tour of the Real Mumbai workforce. Koli Fishmarket, newspaper distribution, fruit and veg market and flower market. All were very friendly and refreshingly disinterested in us as we aren't a target buyer. His meant we really did see Mumbai at work. The best...More

    thumb kingfisherScotland
  •   Unique way to this city come alive. Our guide Namrata made the tour very informative and entertaining, highly recommended.

    thumb 344PaulB344

      I had a very lovely tour of Mumbai with No Footprints and my guide KP. He showed me many things about Mumbai. I liked the Gate of India, the place where clothes are washed. the gold shop, and the restaurant in a nice area of...More

    thumb lahedysimon

      This is my favourite tour of 2 weeks spent in India! The knowledge, energy and care of the 3 guides (Adi, Maddy and Nirant) was fantastic! I am a foodie and love cooking so this was a wonderful experience where I learnt and saw a...More

    thumb Gabrielle A
  •   We had a brilliant tour of the markets with Adi who was entertaining, friendly and informative. We highly recommend Adi! Excellent.

    thumb patrickbQ4318SA

      Wonderful way to see Mumbai in new light, visit places which are off the obvious tourist routes. It was totally worth to wake up at 4am!!;) On top of everything it was really well organized, without any delays or problems, and Pooja was lovely tour...More

    thumb Maska07

      Really nice guided tour of the village. KP was very friendly to us and took us to the best places!!!

    thumb SagaS22
  •   Our guide was Namrata Gandhi. Right from the welcome at the hotel Namrata was personable and fun. Not only did she know the tour really well but she kept us safe yet let us get right into the fish market which was like something out...More

    thumb 79jackiep

      Best morning ever! The guides are approachable, happy, vibrant and had us laughing and smiling all morning. Recommend everyone takes part in this tour to experience what it is like day to day living in Mumbai.

    thumb danni2557

      It was a wonderful tour planned with attention to detail.We covered everything well in time and Mr. Aaditya had great knowledge about the places. Completely enjoyed his company. Would definetly like to do tours with him in future as well.

    thumb 15ruchik
  •   This was a superb tour with a knowledgable and ver informative guide. I learned much about Indisn culture and the people. The guide knew many of the shopkeepers and interacted with them, enhancing my experience. Wonderful guide. Thanks so much.

    thumb GoPlaces47155661206

      I had the pleasure of doing the South Mumbai heritage tour with ADI as our guide. The tour was FANTASTIC ! Adi made the tour so interesting, fun and educational at the same time. His knowledge of the city is outstanding and even though I...More

    thumb Hanif_Sama

      Our 5am start was made easier by the knowledge and humour of our guide Namrata Ghandi. She made it fun and highly enjoyable (even when walking around the smelly fish market at the dock!) This tour is an absolute must when in Mumbai and took...More

    thumb Berkin62
  •   I went for a walking tour with my friend from Hungary. Our guide Krupesh was very friendly,witty and knowledgeable. Our tour started at the gateway of India and ended with a Bun maska at the Yazdani bakery. Going to this bakery was the best part...More

    thumb Bhavyav29

      An interesting and varied trip about the 60% of Mumbai people who work as the sun rises to keep the city functioning.

    thumb tpwedwards

      This may have been my favorite tour in all of India. Our tour covered various local marketplaces such as newspaper vendor distribution, fish market, wholesale fruit market, flower market, and an area where they do laundry in bulk. This tour provides a peek into what...More

    thumb 34brendanh
  •   We had lots of fun this morning with Adi on the dawn tour guiding us through the hectic fish market, newspaper sorting areas, fruit and vegetable market and the flower market. Thanks Adi!

    thumb fibobo

      Fantastic tour with great tour guides!!! Adi is hilarious and Anusha is very sweet. -Jake and Melinda

    thumb Jake G

      This trip was amazing!! Free chai and the best bananas given out at the end after a very interesting walk through 3 different areas. The guides are very relatable, friendly, funny, knowledgeable and current which was great!

    thumb Maddie M
  •   The Mumbai at dawn tour was a MAJOR highlight of our 35 day third visit to India. Every minute and location were eye opening! It gave us an insider’s view to many aspects of Mumbai’s basic commerce. We would not know where to start on...More

    thumb Marjorie18

      Great experience !!! A must do in Mumbai...fascinating and humbling at the same time. Many thanks to Sanah, my lovely guide, for making this tour memorable.

    thumb Florina S

      I am not an early riser...especially 2 nights after a 25-hour travel day from the US to Mumbai...but this Mumbai by Dawn tour is not to be missed. We were lucky to have it offered by our concierge at the Taj Palace, who I had...More

    thumb resorthomebase
  •   Early start but well worth it! The fish market was incredibly interesting and we wouldn’t have seen it without the tour. We had Adi as our tour guide, he was great. The chai tea was excellent.

    thumb jules_barton

      This tour was a great way to see how Mumbai works, Probably one of the best things I did in India. Worth the early wake up.

    thumb Lydia E

      We were not sure what to expect, and the 5.15am pick up from the hotel meant a very early alarm call. However, the fish market at 5.30am was an experience which will live long in the memory. There were visits to newspaper sorting sites, flower...More

    thumb 160Tripacer