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A hidden inscription on HMS Cornwallis read “This ship was built by a goddamn black fellow in 1800” The above quote pretty much told the world (read: The British) that the Indians had arrived. Despite severe opposition and racial discrimination, Bombay’s shipbuilders were among the best in the world. The docks were a seat of soft power during the British Era and Indian shipbuilders, such as the Wadia family, were royalty. Over the years, Bombay became an important trading port and all the credit needs to go to arduous backbreaking work done by the master builders. They truly made Bombay the urbs primus d Indus. The tour Walk the Dock takes you on a historic tour through the area of the Mumbai Docks in the south precinct. Peppered with stories, history, and legends, this tour will give you a window seat view into how the progress of the city of Bombay is closely related to the Docks.

Meeting Point – The Asiatic Society of Mumbai Town Hall Fort
Start Time – 0830 hrs
Duration –1.5 hrs
Cost per person – INR 499


What are the things to see:

  • The Black fellow who changed Bombay’s history
  • Ice ice baby: the first time Ice came to the city
  • Rain Rain Go(ld) away. The day it rained Gold Bars
  • India’s unknown war of independence
  • The oldest residential building in the city
  • The Road of the Rope
  • Other fascinating stories

Safety Measures

Your Safety is our topmost priority: Post lockdown, we’re super stoked to announce our on-ground tours with proper social distancing measures as made mandatory by the Government of Maharashtra. The safety of our patrons is our topmost priority and hence we expect you to wear a mask and carry sanitizers. We will be restricting our tours to a maximum of 15 guests and will be touring in areas that are not densely populated during the touring hours.


Please note:

  • There will be a tour guide system available with the Tour Leader
  • This tour will be conducted with proper social distancing
  • All participants need to wear a mask/face shield and carry sanitisers
  • If the guest has cold, flu or any symptoms, they need to notify the organisers immediately.
  • No Footprints holds the right of reservation and entry on this tour.
  • Tour once booked cannot be cancelled for refunded.

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