Sindhi Camp Food Tour

Post partition when the refugees from Sindh came to India, little did they know that they would have such a lasting impact on the cuisine of this country. Delectable and in parts, sophisticated! Mumbai became a bastion and this business community felt at home in the financial capital of the country.

Sindhi Camp in Chembur, over the years, has not only been home for thousands of refugees but a foodies delight with restaurants that have over time attracted a melee of food lovers from across the city. The food itself is a great representation of this community and we’ve found some of the greats on this tour, just for you.

Meeting Point – Vig Refreshments Camp East, Chembur Colony, Chembur
Start Time – 0430 hrs
Duration – 2.5 hrs
Cost per person – INR 949


What will you taste:

  • The utterly butterly chat
  • The All-day breakfast Dish
  • GOAT (Greatest of all time) mutton curry
  • Stuffed bready goodness
  • Sweet Dreams are made of these

Safety Measures

Your Safety is our topmost priority: We’re starting our food tours, as a way to revive the dwindling economies of the street food vendors being affected by Covid. We’re taking the necessary precautions to ensure that the experience is safe for our community and vendors alike.


Please note:

  • We will disinfect table tops
  • Guests will have separate plates and individual portions
  • We will be maintaining social distancing at all times on the tour
  • The guide will have a sanitiser at all times
  • We will adhere to safety policies as prescribed by the restaurants

COVID Precautions

  1. All participants need to wear a mask/face shield and carry sanitizers. Our guides will carry a sanitiser
  2. We will be restricting our tours to a maximum of 15 guests and will be touring in areas that are not densely populated during the touring hours.
  3. There will be a tour guide system available with the Tour Leader
  4. For food tour we will disinfect table tops. Guests will have separate plates and individual portions
  5. This tour will be conducted with proper social distancing
  6. We will be maintaining social distancing with the participants at all times on the tour
  7. No Mask No Entry

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