Of First People of Mumbai: On-Ground Walk of Worli Village

This is the 8th edition of our First People of Mumbai: A walks through Worli Village and decided to do something different this time! As you know, Ghost nets are catastrophic to the ecology and marine biodiversity, in fact in 2013: Olive Ridley Turtle project has removed over 5 Tonnes of Ghost Nets from the Ocean and this is just scratching the surface. What we did? We sourced out old nets, whose future was uncertain, and decided to include a workshop with our partners at Pashoo Pakshee to create something out of these nets. Partake in the workshop that uses these very nets which are thrown away to make something of utility for you to take back. Not only will nature thank you, but so will the artist in you!  Want to know more about the walk before the workshop? Read on!

Have you heard of the talking Godeess of Mumbai that speaks to its devotees? Or a unique hindu mosque, that is prayed to by all? Have you visited a unique clubhouse that houses the dead Or a met a deity that possesses you if you walk past by it? Have you seen a participated in a festival where people go nuts? Or heard the British love affair with a fish that gave it its unique name?

This Sunday: Join us on a slow walk through the eight hundred-year-old villages of Worli Koliwada that transports you to a land of lesser-known stories: of people, places, superstitions, legends, myths, history, and traditions. What ‘s fascinating is that nothing has changed since the time of the first settlement –Be it the way they make their nets, catch their fish, do their business, their beliefs, the custom, or age-old traditions.

One such cultural insignia is the Golfa Devi –The Goddess who talks to its devotees. Loved and adored by all the village-folk, this stone idol counsels its devotees in a unique 2-way communication. Walk-in here on an idle Sunday afternoon, and you will see hundreds of devotees queuing up outside the temple to get a solution to their problems. Such is the power of the Devi.

So join us to hear some more unknown tales and visit little-known cultural and historic spaces that truly make Mumbai and its history and culture unique.
P.S: We also have a surprise performance for you on the tour.

Meeting Point – Shri Golfa Devi Mandir, Shri Sakbadevi and Shri Harbadevi MandirKoliwada, Worli
Start Time – 0800 hrs
Duration – 2 hrs
Cost per person – INR 699/-


What are the things to see:

  • Talking Goddess of Mumbai
  • The Hindu Mosque
  • A unique tradition Celebrating the Dead
  • The Fort with a view
  • A structure that took the weight of 55,000 elephants
  • A youtube sensation who does Koli Fusion
  • The Deity that possesses you
  • A Unique Festival where people go Nuts
  • Donald Duck but with a fishy past

Safety Measures

Your Safety is our topmost priority: Post lockdown, we’re super stoked to announce our on-ground tours with proper social distancing measures as made mandatory by the Government of Maharashtra. The safety of our patrons is our topmost priority and hence we expect you to wear a mask and carry sanitizers. We will be restricting our tours to a maximum of 15 guests and will be touring in areas that are not densely populated during the touring hours.


Please note:

  • There will be a tour guide system available with the Tour Leader
  • This tour will be conducted with proper social distancing
  • All participants need to wear a mask/face shield and carry sanitisers
  • If the guest has cold, flu or any symptoms, they need to notify the organisers immediately.
  • No Footprints holds the right of reservation and entry on this tour.
  • Tour once booked cannot be cancelled for refunded.

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