Of Bold Spices and Thieves Market

Criss-crossing narrow lanes, tiny shops spilling with colorful wares, people haggling for a better deal…welcome to the bazaars of India. You can find them everywhere, even juxtaposed against high rises and glitzy malls, these bazaars fiercely hold their own. The bursting metropolis of Mumbai has many such gems hidden in its folds. Care to try the fiery tears-in-the-eyes signature Indian spice mixes? We begin this tour of Mumbai from the Lalbagh spice market. Guntur, Bedki, Reshampatti or Kashmiri; no we are not planning a travel itinerary. These are the names of the variety of chilies one would find in the lalbaug spice market. This market is also home to spice mixes so authentic, which the pickiest grandma would approve.

Here, you can not only buy the spices, but can also get them dry roasted and ground into the masala mix of your choice before your own eyes. It’s not uncommon to see ladies patiently waiting, with bagful of spices and a recipe that has been handed down for generations. This offbeat tour of Mumbai would be incomplete without a visit to the once a well-kept secret and reserved only for the adventurous, the notorious Chor Bazaar.

Chor Bazaar’s literal translation is the Thieves Market, although, it was born on the premise of ‘Shor’ Bazaar, which meant a noisy market. It was named so because it was used to house mechanics and their repair garages. The British for the greater convenience of their tongue, misnamed it ‘Chor’ Bazaar. Up until recently, this 150-year-old Bazaar lived up to its borrowed name, by housing various smuggled goods. It was believed, that if you left your car parked at Chor Bazaar, chances are you’d be seeing parts of your precious car being sold off at various shops within the hour. For the collector there is aplenty – Furniture from the Raj, rare electronics like vintage gramophones, out-of-print LPs, hand-made film posters time – It’s not uncommon to find a genuine antique here.

And if these guys can’t find something for you, it probably doesn’t exist. The Juma or the Friday market here is to behold. So while most of the shops are shut on the day, the street is buzzing with activity. It’s because of the Friday Flea Market. You name the product and it’s available on the street. How many hands they’ve exchanged though, is another matter altogether. The crowds, the activity, the lip-smacking street food, all add to its unique culture.


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  • Timings: 1000 hrs – 1300 hrs / 1400 hrs – 1800 hrs (South Mumbai Hotels)
    1030 hrs hrs – 1330 hrs / 1400 hrs – 1830 hrs (Central Mumbai Hotels)
    0930 hrs – 1330 hrs / 1400 hrs – 1830 hrs (North Mumbai Hotels)
  • Tour Days – All days of the week except Monday and Ganesh Chaturthi 10 days
  • Best time to visit: All year round
  • Physical Activity: Moderate
  • Special Note: Comfortable walking shoes are a must
  • Carry a hat
  • Carry sunscreen

Points to be noted

  • The taxes are currently at 5%
  • The taxes might be subject to change
  • If you want us to arrange for transport – please call us for costs
  • For high – end luxury cars, please contact our office
  • We do not conduct this tour on the day of the Mumbai Marathon
  • The sequence of the tour is at the discretion of No Footprints and its guide on-ground
  • The Start and End timing can be changed based on the discretion and traffic situations
  • The tour can be canceled based on the discretion of No Footprints. The partners will be informed in advance of the same

Cancellation Policy

  • We work on a 100% advance payment before the tour
  • This tour is subject to 100% cancellation fee if canceled in 24 hours or less before the tour schedule
  • This tour is subjected to a 50% cancellation fee if canceled between 72 hours – 25 hours before the tour scheduled
  • Rescheduling a tour 24 hours or less before a tour will be subjected to a 50% service charge. The tour rescheduling is at the discretion of No Footprints
  • Rescheduling a tour between 72 hours – 25 hours will be subject to a 25% service charge. The tour rescheduling is at the discretion of No Footprints


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