Mumbai Pachees

If you have less time in the city, and want to explore the highlights of Mumbai’s tourist insignias, then Mumbai Pachees is just the one for you. Cover 25 of Mumbai’s top highlights that you cannot miss on your visit to the city.

Starting point for almost every soul that wants to explore the city, this tour too starts from the Gateway of India, Mumbai’s very own victory arch, built to commemorate the landing of King George the fifth and Queen Mary for the Delhi Durbar. The Gateway of India was built as a symbol of the power of the British. Ironically, this beautiful structure also marked the end of the British rule, as the last infantry left Indian shores from the Gateway.

Further exploring the fort area of Mumbai, Kala Ghoda literally Black Horse is a neighborhood in the South Mumbai area of Maharashtra state of India. The crescent-shaped precinct is the city’s premier art district. You will drive past a large number of the city’s heritage buildings, and is full of museums, art galleries and educational institutions like the Jehangir Art Gallery, the National Gallery of Modern Art, the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya and The Arts Trust.

Post this, you get to see the Dabbawalas (Shut on weekends) or the 6 sigma workers of Mumbai sending over 2,50,000 boxes of lunch to their rightful owners with extreme precision. Studied by consultants and business schools for the secrets of their proclaimed near-flawless efficiency, the dabbawalas have been feted by British royals (Prince Charles) and titans of industry (Richard Branson) alike. Even FedEx, which supposedly knows something about logistics, has paid them a visit.

Further driving down to what’s presently called the Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST), this station has a unique place in Indian history. The first train of India departed from CST and travelled a distance of 40kms. Today, the station sees a football of nearly a million people daily.

Our next stop , a popular tourist spot known as the Dhobhi Ghat. It has the power to make your jaw drop. It is an area where the laundrymen, more popularly known as the Dhobhis, wash the clothes of Mumbai-folks. You will see the Dhobhis at work, flogging and beating the clothes tirelessly to ensure it is devoid of any stain. With nearly most of Mumbai’s washing done here, it comes as a little surprise that these guys can be safely christened as the ‘Washing Machines’ of Mumbai.

Next stop, Mani Bhavan is one of the few important places hallowed by Mahatma Gandhi’s close association. Mani Bhavan, a modest two-storied building on the Laburnum Road in the comparatively quiet locality called Gamdevi, served as Gandhiji’s Bombay head-quarters for about seventeen long and eventful years (1917-1934). It was from Mani Bhavan that Gandhi initiated Civil Disobedience, Satyagraha, Swadeshi, Khadi and Khilafat movements.


  • Private Car
  • Private Explorer
  • Interactions


  • Timings:
    0900 hrs – 1500 hrs (South Mumbai Hotels)
    0830 hrs – 1530 hrs (Central Mumbai Hotels)
    0800 hrs – 1600 hrs (North Mumbai Hotels)
  • Tour Days – All days of the week
  • Best time to visit: All year round
  • Physical Activity: Moderate to High
  • Special Note: Comfortable walking shoes are a must
  • Carry a hat
  • Carry sunscreen

Points to be noted

  • The taxes are currently at 5%
  • The taxes might be subject to change
  • There is a hotel pick up and drop facility for south and central Mumbai.
  • The cost for drop and pick up for a north Mumbai hotel will be at an additional cost.
  • We use our own transport services for the above tour.
  • For high-end luxury cars, please contact our office.
  • The driver will be at the hotel 5 mins before the start of the tour.
  • Start time of the tour for North Mumbai hotels will vary.
  • We do not conduct this tour on the day of the Mumbai Marathon.
  • The sequence of the tour is at the discretion of No Footprints and its guide on-ground.
  • The tour can be cancelled based on the discretion of No Footprints, The partners will be informed in advance of the same.
  • If you are staying at the ship at the Mumbai International Cruise Terminal and need a pick-up from outside the ship, there we be additional cost of Rs 1000/- per person. This amount is to be paid in cash to the guide or the driver at the start of the tour.
  • For any tours in Bandra & beyond, away from South Mumbai, will be charged a toll of Rs 120. This amount is to be paid in cash to the guide or the driver at the start of the tour.

Cancellation Policy

  • We work on a 100% advance payment before the tour
  • This tour is subject to 100% cancellation fee if cancelled in 24 hours or less before the tour schedule
  • This tour is subjected to a 50% cancellation fee if cancelled between 72 hours – 25 hours before the tour scheduled
  • Rescheduling a tour 24 hours or less before a tour will be subjected to a 50% service charge. The tour rescheduling is at the discretion of No Footprints
  • Rescheduling a tour between 72 hours – 25 hours will be subject to a 25% service charge. The tour rescheduling is at the discretion of No Footprints


If you would like to include either the POW Museum (Entrance 500 per person) or BDL Museum (INR 100 per person) Do let us know in advance.

There will be an entrance cost levied on it.

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