Kebab and Curry Walk: Eating through Bohri Mohalla

The Dawood Bohra community can be traced in India as far back as the 12h century. It was only in the mid-16thcentury though, that the community established itself in India. Acute business acumen, trade, and ambition, bought this community to British Bombay and by the end of the 19th century, the Bohras were one of the richest people in the city.

A walk through Bohri Mohalla is not just a peek into this incredible community, but also a gastronomic dreamland, if you may! The dishes come from recipes passed down from one generation to another and have made these spaces legendary in their own right. Innovative, indigenous, and gobsmackingly delicious.

We’ll be conducting the tour in the traditional Bohri Khara and Meethaas format, alternating between sweet and savory dishes. There will be succulent kebabs with a secret, a 12 pot meat bhel, A meaty chat, One of Bombay’s oldest ice-cream shops, among other things.

Come join us as we go Foodtrippin’ to Bohri Mohalla and soak in some history, kebabs, and curries. All the spaces we go to will have open-air spaces to eat with proper social distancing. We start the tour at 5.15 pm to ensure less crowd in the areas we walk.

Meeting Point – Shabbirs Tawakkal Sweets 24, Khara Tank Road, Ajmer, Bhendi Bazaar, Kumbharwada
Start Time – 05:15 PM
Duration – 3 hrs
Cost per person – INR 949


What will you taste:

  • All hail, 12 pot, 12 hour, Meaty, Marrowy Bhel
  • Awesomely Offal Chat with veg/non veg options
  • What-a-Fresh-melon cooler
  • We all scream for hand-made ice cream
  • Oh Gourd! The best sweet in town
  • Biryani with a twist: Great spice, without the rice.
  • Seekh with a delicious secret
  • Meaty Bohri Sandwich
  • Udderly Butterly Delicious Kebabs
  • Aflatoon of a sweet

Safety Measures

Your Safety is our topmost priority: We’re starting our food tours, as a way to revive the dwindling economies of the street food vendors being affected by Covid. We’re taking the necessary precautions to ensure that the experience is safe for our community and vendors alike.


Please note:

  • We will disinfect table tops
  • Guests will have separate plates and individual portions
  • We will be maintaining social distancing with the participants at all times on the tour
  • The guide will have a sanitiser at all times
  • We will adhere to safety policies as prescribed by the restaurants
  • The guide will have a audio guide to ensure everyone can hear him clearly

COVID Precautions

  1. All participants need to wear a mask/face shield and carry sanitizers. Our guides will carry a sanitiser
  2. We will be restricting our tours to a maximum of 15 guests and will be touring in areas that are not densely populated during the touring hours.
  3. There will be a tour guide system available with the Tour Leader
  4. For food tour we will disinfect table tops. Guests will have separate plates and individual portions
  5. This tour will be conducted with proper social distancing
  6. We will be maintaining social distancing with the participants at all times on the tour
  7. No Mask No Entry

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