Heritage Cycling Tour of Bandra

An island village neighbouring the erstwhile Mumbai Heptanesia, Bandra or Bandor as the Portuguese called it, was originally a collection of 24 villages inhabited by the Kolis or the fisherfolk community. In the 16thand 17thcentury many of these villages converted to Catholicism owing to the Portuguese rule. These converts were christened as East Indians and form the backbone of Bandra’s cultural ethos. The years following independence, the paddy fields and vegetable plantations gave way to bungalows and apartments of the rich and the famous, making Bandra, the Beverly Hills of Mumbai. Home to the who’s who of Bollywood and one of the trendiest parts of town, Bandra has an almost ironic, quaint side, that instantly takes you back in time to the Bandor of yesteryear.

Our Bandra detour starts with the famous Mount Mary Church. Revered by people of all religions, the Mount Mary Church sees millions of faithful’s from myriad religious and cultural backgrounds. Believed to grant wishes, people queue up outside the church daily, to pray and offer wax models that signify materialistic and non-materialistic wants of the devotee.

A little ahead, and you will reach the Castelle de Aguada, an Old Portuguese fort, now in ruins. Hidden inthese ruins lies Bollywoodesque stories of deceit, power and Maratha Valour that led to the victory of the Maratha Peshwas over the British and the Portuguese.

As we ride past the oldest Jesuit church –St. Andrews (The only church that survived cyclones and invasions), you will find yourself transported to old Portuguese villages that are complete with big porches, wooden staircases, and ornate grills, an architects delight. As you ride past quaint homes, you will get a window-seat view into the unique customs and traditions of the East Indians (Including their fav bottle masalas)

We will pepper the entire tour with history, legends, folklores and tales that makes Bandra a unique cultural hotspot.

So join us as we pedal through over 350 years of history and explore a gaothan / village like none other. We assure you, you will have a great time, men!

Meeting Point – Caravan Serai Waterfield Road, Khar, Bandra West
Start Time – 0630 hrs
Duration –3 hrs
Cost per person – INR 894


What to Expect:

  • The one Handed Goddess
  • Wax to answer your prayers
  • The European Hindu Fort
  • Legend of the generous Parsee
  • The cross of the Bubonic Plague
  • One of the Oldest surviving Portuguese Church
  • A square of the yore
  • Bollywood in stone art
  • The secular street
  • The Slaughter House Church
  • And Many other legends

Safety Measures

Your Safety is our topmost priority: Post lockdown, we’re super stoked to announce our on-ground tours with proper social distancing measures as made mandatory by the Government of Maharashtra. The safety of our patrons is our topmost priority and hence we expect you to wear a mask and carry sanitizers. We will be restricting our tours to a maximum of 15 guests and will be touring in areas that are not densely populated during the touring hours.


Please note:

  • There will be a tour guide system available with the Tour Leader
  • This tour will be conducted with proper social distancing
  • All participants need to wear a mask/face shield and carry sanitisers
  • All the cycle Handles, Seats, and Helmets will be sanitized by sanitizer sprays
  • If you have your own cycle (and helmet) and would like to ride on that, please put in a word by calling us prior to booking, to avail an INR 300 rupee discount

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